Sunday, February 14, 2010

To My Valentine, and to all those I love

I always look forward to Valentine's Day.  I like the idea of celebrating love, and setting aside a day for that is fine by me.  In high school and in college, I would always wear something pink or red, and tried to enjoy the day whether I had a "special love" or not.  It is enough to share the love of my family and friends.  Now that I have my love to share the rest of my life with, it makes the day even that much more special.  I consider myself extremely blessed by both family and friends. I have so many people in my life who love me unconditionally. And although this might be as impersonal as a mass e-mail, I hope that those of you who read it will know that I do love you, too. Happy Valentines Day.

To my love, my husband, my valentine: I am so happy and thankful that you will always "Be Mine" for as long as we both shall live.  Thank you for loving me, putting up with me, pursuing me, encouraging me, holding me accountable, and so much more.  Je t'aime. 

To my parents, brother, and sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, I miss you and love you very much.  I wish that I could be there to give you a hug today.  Thank you for investing in my life.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. 

To my friends, old and new, far and near, I am so thankful for your friendship.  Many of you have been there through both smiles and (often unwarranted) tears.  I hope that I am some small part of as much a blessing in your life as you are in mine. 

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Anonymous said...

You gotta tell us about the hearts on the cake. Meringues?
Aunt Dianne

Brittany said...

You are definitely a great blessing in my life. Thanks for being a dear friend. I look forward to continuing this season in seminary together.

Barefoot Belle said...

Dianne, the hearts are piped white chocolate. I originally cut slits in the cake and slid the hearts down into them, but evidently the cake was not completely cooled on the inside and they melted and fell over. So I had to improvise; I quickly made some whipped cream from heavy cream in our fridge, added a little Kahlua and piped it on to "hold" the hearts.

Brittany, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I was glad to be there with you! I am thrilled and blessed to see what God will do over these next few years!