Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Supportive Husband

Have you heard the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Well, I think that in the south, this is particularly true. It is certainly one of the main ways that my mom "won" my dad's heart, and I won my husband's. Although there are certainly times when my husband will admit that I spend a little too much time in the kitchen, he continues to be completely supportive of my love of cooking. In fact, our dates often consist of walking through Williams-Sonoma or browsing the cookbook section of the local bookstore. Usually gifts for special occasions (and sometimes not-so-special occasions) come from books or kitchen gadgets that I have pointed out on our dates. Sometimes, he'll even delight me by bringing me something for no occasion at all. Last week, however, my husband completely surprised me with something that I had not expressed any interest in at all, but have thoroughly enjoyed. He took me to our local library, where he picked up this book that he had put on hold two weeks before:

This book details Julia Child's love affair with France and French food, which inspired her career and ultimately has changed the way that America cooks! My sweet husband thought that I would love reading all about Julia's adventures, and he was completely right. Oh, and by the way, he took me to see the movie, Julie and Julia, last Friday night. Both the book and the movie are delightful, and I truly am blessed with a supportive husband.

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Jere said...

Wow! This is my favorite blog post so far. You're the butter to my roll.
Je t'aime.

Sarah Barry Spooner said...

The book sounds fascinating. I want to read it!

Anonymous said...

I want this book! My husband sounds so similar to yours! He's always getting me little kitchen things...think I'll drop the hint about the book. I bought the Julie & Julia book and really wanted more of the Julia Child story!

Barefoot Belle said...

Katie, I hope that he gets it for you! It really gave me more insight to Julia Child's life--made her more "real" to me. And, having been a French major in undergrad, I loved hearing about her French "love affair!" Enjoy!